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Knights at the Museum

Posted by  Anna Green on November 12, 2018

Ever wondered what it's like to set up an event in a museum?

There are times every month when some might mistake the Broadsword team for night watchmen, keys jangling at the waist and a Maglite in hand, purposefully plotting our way through plans and paperwork amidst the eerie dark of a London museum at night.

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What is Dataton Watchout?

Posted by  Martin Walton on August 9, 2018

There are many ways to skin a cat they say. Quite who ‘they’ are, we don’t know nor perhaps want to, but the phrase certainly applies to the events industry and in particular when it comes to complex video and presentation systems.

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Two ears and one mouth

Posted by  Matt Green on May 15, 2017

Every good conversation starts with good listening

A well connected and creative company, with our fingers kept on the technical pulse of the event industry, we are very proud of the trusted relationships we have built with a number of unique London venues.

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